Five Hispanic Silver Sisters inspiring us with their Gray Hair Journey


Dark hair can be an important marker of Latina identity, so it’s not surprising that Hispanic silver-hair influencers can be difficult to find.

Cynthia Alvarez, a celebrity stylist from the 2010s, underwent a gray-hair transformation and was similarly transformed Orange is the New BlackStar and Latina Dascha Polanco.

Thus launched a trend that we’re still feeling the effects of today. Some of these young women tried to get gray hair by spending hours in a chair, while others contemplated letting go of the chair and being true to themselves.

We’re celebrating five beautiful Hispanic silver sisters who chose that path. They’re a group of pro-age women embracing their silver locks, going against cultural norms, and finding more joy with every inch of gray hair that grows in.

1. Heren Mercedes

It can be difficult to embrace silver. Heren Mercedes wants to encourage, encourage, support and help women treasure their natural silver locks. She’s doing that and then some—one of her most recent gigs was as a hair model for Stacy London’s State Of Menopause recently-released hair products.

2. Sonia Valencia

Sonia Valencia, an over-40 beauty influencer, became viral via TikTok’s concealer hack video. She is passionate about setting her own beauty standards, and she loves the freedom that comes with having her naturally beautiful, silver-colored hair.

3. Shannon

Shannon, the Instagram-famous Shannon, is a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer with Caribbean roots. She’s a wife and mother who chronicles her journey to silver, helping other women embrace their true selves and celebrate life to its fullest.

4. Mireya Olmos

Mireya Olmos, a Latina model with a silver hair and plus-size, believes beauty transcends age.

5. Carla Martin

Carla Martin is a Mexican influencer in silver hair who shares simple hairstyles and haircare tips.

These women are a great example of how liberating and freeing it can be for people to accept the beauty of aging. Next time you ponder covering your grays, remember them—it could save you thousands of dollars and countless hours spent at the salon.

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