Five Items to Get Rid Of To Make Your Bathroom Happier and Healthier


It can be hard to find the time to clean out your home. But if you tackle one room at a time, letting go of the things you no longer use doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It was amazing to declutter my bathroom. I finally got rid of that cucumber melon body spray I’ve had since the ‘90s and so many other items that no longer served a purpose in my life.

Decluttering is an important part of self-care that’s often overlooked. It can be difficult to let go of things you don’t use anymore. These items might hold a nostalgic attachment (like my body spray) or you may feel a sense of security knowing you have certain items on hand, even if you don’t use them anymore.

However, clutter can negatively impact your happiness and well-being. So we’ve compiled a list of things to either get rid of altogether or store elsewhere to help make your bathroom a calmer, more functional space.

1. Expired Medications

While this might seem obvious, you need to ensure that expired medications are properly disposed of. You might need to find a drop-off point for prescription medication. It’s probably fine to throw other over-the-counter medications away in the trash, but you may want to conduct a quick Google search just to check.

Not only should you get rid of your old medications but it is also a good idea to locate a more convenient place outside the bathroom to store your medication. Some medications can be affected by humidity in the bathroom. Plus, some meds have temperature requirements—they might need to be stored in the fridge or freezer. However, most medications must be kept dry and cool. It might be a good idea to keep medications locked in a container.

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2. Razor Blades

If you haven’t switched out your razor blade lately, it could be time to throw out the old one and grab a new one. Replace your razor immediately if there are any signs that it is rusty. Another item that could benefit from less humidity is the razor. Although it is not the most convenient option, keeping razors dry outside of the bathroom will extend their lives.

3. Sponges and Old Loofahs

Loofahs and spoons can become a breeding ground of bacteria, especially if they are kept in a moist area, such as the bathroom. Loofahs are meant to clean your body, but if they haven’t been changed in a few weeks, you could be defeating their whole purpose. Sponges can harbor bacteria, regardless of whether they are used to wipe down countertops or apply makeup.

Sponge cleaning requires that you rinse the sponge thoroughly and then squeeze out all excess water. Make sure to keep them in a cool, dry place and change them every other month. Makeup sponges must be cleaned and stored in the original container or in a designated makeup sponge holder.

4. Cleaning supplies

If you didn’t know (I didn’t!Cleaning products and disinfectants are subject to expiration. They likely won’t be harmful after their expiration date, but they might not be as effective as they once were. If you do determine that they’re past their prime, you might need to call your local hazardous waste facility to find out the best disposal method.

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If you store chemicals in your bathroom, you’re definitely not alone. Many people store cleaning supplies in their bathroom cabinets or under the sink. These potentially dangerous products should not be shared with children or pets. It’s also best to keep your cleaning supplies together, preferably in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

5. Beauty Products that are Out-Of-Date

You might not realize how quickly makeup, perfume, or other beauty products can go bad. Some products, such as lipstick, foundation, or blush, can last up two years. However, other makeup products may have a shorter shelf-life.

Mascara and eyeliner, for example, are usually only good for a couple of months. If you use them regularly, you probably won’t have any problem sticking to that timeframe. It can be hard to remember to dispose of unused makeup, especially when you use it for special occasions.

You might be able to purchase smaller travel size perfume and makeup. Decluttering your expired beauty products might give you a better idea of what you do and don’t use, which could allow you to shop smarter in the future.

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