Five Tourists Recovered from Trapped in Grand Canyon Caverns


Five tourists have been rescued in Arizona after being trapped 200 feet underground for more than 24 hours at the Grand Canyon Caverns, officials said.

According to authorities, the group was left stranded by an elevator that malfunctioned at the popular tourist spot on Sunday. Employees said that others on the underground tour had climbed 20 stories to reach the top. However, some of those trapped were elderly and could not make the difficult trek.

According to the tourist website, the Grand Canyon Caverns is the largest dry cavern in the country. Guides offer daily tours through the underground labyrinth that spans 65 million years.

Officials stated that the five rescuers were in good spirits and were all in good health.

The group slept underground in a suite with two beds, a futon, and TV for $1,000 per night. “Experience the deepest, darkest, quietest hotel room in the world,”According to the website of the caverns. “When the cavern becomes your room for the night.”

A spokesperson for the tourist site said that staff also brought food in.

Local reports indicate that firefighters helped some rescuers to the top, while others were assisted up the stairs.

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