‘Flesh-Eating’ STDs are rapidly spreading in the UK


Anyone residing in the United Kingdom or visiting it should be aware of these warnings: “flesh-eating”According to a report, sexually transmitted diseases are spreading throughout the region. Birmingham Mail.

“Figures suggest that donovanosis – which was previously thought to be restricted to places including India, Brazil, and New Guinea – is becoming more common on these shores,”Dr. Shree Datta from London’s MyHealthCare Clinic said.

“As well as the awful symptoms, it’s important people are aware that it’s a known risk factor for the transmission of HIV,”She added.

Fortunately, donovanosis cases, compared to other STDs or STIs are very rare, but they are still increasing in number.

“Donovanosis, also called granuloma inguinale, is a bacterial infection that causes bloody sores and ulcers on the genitals,”Birmingham Mail reveals.

It is quite common in tropical areas such as South Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. It has also been reported in Australia.

Although the disease is associated with the term “flesh-eating,”It does not eat flesh. It does, however, appear to eat flesh based on its unattractive appearance.

The first signs of an STD are sores around the genitals and open lesion. These can then turn into lumps which may eventually grow in size.

They take on the role of a “beefy-red appearance,”According to Birmingham Mail.  Those lumps can then turn into ulcers, get infected, and produce a “foul smell.”

Anyone who feels like they may be at risk for donovanosis should contact their health care provider for blood test analysis.

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