Flonaze Ad – Jessica Simpson Seems to Use Flonaze Ad as a Slur, Fans Are Concerned


Fans have raised concerns about Jessica SimpsonAfter the actress posted an advertisement for Flonase to her Instagram Story, some people noticed that she looked strange. Some commented that the actress appeared to be a sexy person. “fidgety”And “slurs her words”In the allergy medication ad. 

Simpson’s ‘Embarrassing’ Flonase Ad

Simpson holds up a Flonase nasal spray for allergy relief in the video ad. “Hey, guys. Climate change is impossible to ignore, especially for my friends in LA — we know,”She says. “So many of us were affected by the wildfires a few years back, and now rising temperatures are always in the back of our minds.”

The actress is now on the list “some of the other effects of rising temperatures affecting us right now,”Includes “increased pollen count and the longer, harsher allergy seasons,”She refers to it as “invisible monsters.”She ends the video saying she uses Flonase “for years,” and promotes Children’s Flonase. 

This is why some people think the video is disturbing. Simpson’s eyes frequently dart back and forth in the video, looking off-camera and stumbling over some words. Many people voiced their concerns and criticisms about Simpson’s performance. 

“Painful to watch and sadly I love her,”One person commented, and the other added: “Flonase please hire a professional. That was embarrassing to watch.”Another writer wrote: “Damn either hold the cue cards at eye level next time or have her memorize the script next time. This was awful.”

Fans Are Wondering If She Was ‘On Something’

Although there were many critics, some expressed concern about the actress. “Hope you are ok, you seem to be on something, definitely odd behavior,”One person spoke up. “I love you but take that ad off!”Another person wrote. “You looked benzo’d out girl.” 

Many people believe Simpson was drunk due to her past of substance abuse. Simpson has been open about her journey to sobriety. Simpson admitted in her 2020 memoir that she was addicted both to alcohol and prescription drugs. In November 2017, Simpson celebrated four years sobriety. 

Despite Simpson’s stilted performance in the Flonase ad, it’s extremely unlikely that the actress was on drugs. Her slightly-bizarre appearance in the video is probably due to the fact that she didn’t rehearse her lines enough and had to read them off cue cards. This would explain why Simpson’s eyes kept moving back and forth and looking off-camera. This speculation has led to many questions about Simpson. “on something”This is just mean-spirited gossip.  

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