Floor Collapses Into Basement, Under the Weight of Dozens Dancing Teens at House Party outside Denver


Eight people were injured when a floor buckled from the weight and collapsed at a teenage party.

After the location of the party was reportedly posted on social media, scores of teenagers jumped into the basement of the Denver home.

“We’re at a party and the ceiling fell! There’s people dying! Help!”One 911 caller frantically called.

Authorities claim that 150 children turned up and the dance floor was unable to support the volume of the crowd.

“Everyone was jumping up and down in unison, likely to the sound of music. When their feet were hitting the floor all together, that’s delivering a very big impact to the floor, and the floor joist just couldn’t take that,”Eric Hurst, spokesperson for South Metro Fire Rescue, said.

Multiple angles of the tragic incident and its aftermath were captured on video. One of the eight people who were hurt in the collapsing collapse suffered serious injuries.

The living room is now surrounded by a huge hole. The fire department declared the house unsafe for occupancy.

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