‘Floribama Shore’ Castmate Gus Smyrnios’ Sister Hannah Is Causing Problems Again


We’re used to drama on the show, but something feels different about Season 4, Part 2 of Floribama Shore. Although they have been friends for some time, the castmates seem to be drifting apart as they deal with real problems.

Also, fans were not ready for Gus Smyrnios’ Hannah, Hannah’s sister, to make an appearance and create a larger stir. Hannah: Who is Hannah and why is she so controversial? It’s a little complicated.

Gus Smyrnios’ sister was first introduced in the first part of Season 4.

Season 4 was broadcast in two parts. After 13 episodes, the first part ended in May 2021. The second part aired in September. A lot had happened between the first and second parts. Gus had been fighting with the cast while filming Part 1 in Montana.

gus smyrnios sister

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He took off in response to the tension. For a long time, he ran from the house. Producers didn’t know where he was, but eventually found him and put him into quarantine before he rejoined the cast.

However, during the time he was missing, the cast didn’t know what happened to him, so they set out to go and see if they could find Gus. Candace Rice stayed at the house to wait for Gus’ return.

As Candace answered the phone, it was Gus’s sister Hannah on the other line. It’s not clear how much she knew about what was happening with her brother. However, she appeared worried and protective. Hannah did the wrong thing and took it out on the wrong person.

Candace could be heard telling Candace that Hannah called her about Gus while she was on the phone. “If anything f–king happens to my brother, I’m going to personally beat your f–king ass.”

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Source: MTV

Candace was understandably furious. Fans quickly took to Twitter in March to address the phone call. Many thought it was inappropriate of Hannah to threaten Candace.

Recent episodes include Part 2 of Season 4 and the episode titled “A Lot Alike,” Candace learned that Gus’s sister Hannah is coming to visit. It’s clear that she’s uncomfortable with that plan given the way she was spoken to on the phone.

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While we haven’t seen how that meeting played out on an episode yet, the cast didn’t keep quiet on Twitter about it. Gus and Candace got into a heated debate on Twitter.

In a private setting Tweet, one fan talked about Gus’s sister threatening Candace, a Black woman, and not another castmate. Candace explained that the reason was “’cause them folk racist,”Evidently, she was talking about Hannah, but also hinting at Gus.

Source: Twitter

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It didn’t take long for Gus to catch wind of the tweet and share his own retaliation, claiming, “Candace is legit the most racist person I’ve ever met. We all talk about it in the house how she hated everyone and calls me and Aimee racist.”

It seems both Gus and Candace have different stories about how Hannah’s visit went, but we’ll have to wait and see it play out later on in Season 4 to see whose version is closest to reality.

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