Florida Bride and Caterer Arrested after Guests Report Marijuana-Laced Food


A bride and her caterer in Seminole County have been accused of lacing wedding food served to guests with marijuana, according to arrest warrant affidavits. 

Authorities said that around 30-40 people attended the event, with many complaining of nausea and vomiting. 

In two affidavits, authorities state that bride Danya Shea Svoboda, 42, and caterer Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant, 31, have been charged with culpable negligence, delivery of marijuana, and violating Florida’s Anti-Tampering Act, according to the outlet.

Both affidavits claim that several wedding guests were being cared for by county fire crews when authorities arrived at the clubhouse. “symptoms consistent with that of someone who has used illegal drugs,” CNN.

Some guests also reported feeling the same. “stoned” “ill and high,”And another one said that he felt. “weird, tingly, fidgety, and had an extremely dry mouth”CNN says that after the wedding, they eat food. 

Authorities say at least four of the attendees expressed the desire to press charges. At least two other people were found to be too incoherent or unable to write a statement.

According to the affidavit, one guest stated that she realized she was high and asked Svoboda for help. “she had put marijuana in the olive oil,”And that Svoboda replied “yes” “acted excited,”CNN. 

CNN claims that Svoboda was a drug addict. “agreed to and allowed Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant to lace the food she served … with cannabis unbeknownst to the attendees, many of whom became very ill and required medical attention.”

A man in his 40s asked for transport to the local hospital as he was experiencing health issues. “feeling weird”And he said he felt like it was his turn to feel. “had drugs inside him,” deputies said.

According to the affidavits, one wedding attendant told an investigator she felt paranoid at the hospital and thought her son-in law had died. She didn’t know anyone was telling her. She claimed that she was. “believed her husband … wasn’t telling her the truth about other family members,”CNN. 

CNN reports that she was loud and disruptive in the emergency room, and she had to be administered medication to calm her down.

Andrew Svoboda was asked by a deputy whether Danya or her husband had requested or consented for the cannabis food. “stared at (the deputy) with a blank expression for a few moments before stuttering through a ‘no,'”According to the outlet.

However, the court documents state that another attendee said she sent Svoboda a text after going to the hospital to ask her what was happening and what she was given. The attendee says that the bride allegedly responded, “Uggg, we have no idea,” according to CNN. 

To test the materials, deputies took items from the venue including glassware and food that guests had used. The test included a beer and wine glass, lasagna, chocolate-covered strawberries as well as cookies and brownies. 

CNN reported that the lasagna, and a piece bread later tested positive to THC.

It is currently unknown if either woman has secured an attorney, and according to court records, both Svoboda and Bryant have bonded out of Seminole County Jail and are awaiting arraignment in June.