Florida Couple Surprised to Discover an Iguana in their Toilet Three Separate Times


Take a look before you place your feet! That’s the message one couple has before you use their toilet — and for good reason. 

Bruce Bleier and Janet Bleier just moved from New York City to Florida. However, nothing prepared them for what lurked in their bathrooms.

“I came in, opened the lid, and there it was staring back at me,”Bruce said. 

A feisty iguana crawled through the pipes to their toilet!

“Being relatively new to Florida, I thought it was an alligator. At first I was actually quite scared, because I wasn’t sure if the thing was capable of jumping out. I felt like Godzilla was looking at us,”Bruce said.

An expert iguana trapper was called. 

They thought they had solved the problem, but it kept happening again. The trapper was recalled.

Incredibly, just minutes after the couple’s interview with Inside Edition ended, Bruce called back. Yes, it was a third time.

“This is beyond belief,”Bruce said.

The couple sealed off the bathroom vents to ensure they won’t have to meet four iguanas!