Florida Home of ‘Edward Scissorhands” is on the market after owners make it a Movie Tribute


Florida home used as a film location for Tim Burton’s 1990 romantic fantasies “Edward Scissorhands”It is being offered for sale by the owners who made it a tribute to the movie.

The price of the listed three-bedroom, 2-bath home is $699,000. Century 21 real estate agent Megan HartnellCall the 1,432-square-foot house “iconic”Invites bidders “be one of the first families to battle for an epic, historical movie property.”

Dylan Todd Photography

It contains memorabilia and collectibles as well as an artificial Christmas tree decorated with movie-themed decorations. The kitchen has a life-sized recreation of Johnny Depp’s main character.

Dylan Todd Photography
Dylan Todd Photography

Lutz is located about 15 minutes north of Tampa. It was constructed in 1989. Shortly before filming started in the neighborhood in March-July 1990, the home was built. Burton directs the movie with Danny Elfman as the music score. It chronicles the life and times of Edward, a humanoid created from scissors.

Edward is taken in and falls in love by a loving suburban mother. Dianne Wiest played the mother, with Winona Ryder portraying her daughter, Kim. 

Anthony Michael Hall, Kathy Baker, Vincent Price, and Alan Arkin also appeared in the film.