Florida is so cold that Iguanas have fallen from trees


The weather in Florida has been so unseasonably cold that iguanas are falling from the trees, the BBC reported.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), South Florida had 25 degrees on Sunday. It was the coldest area in over a decade.

If temperatures drop below 50 degrees, iguanas may become lazy. CBS News reported.

Iguanas are cold-blooded, and they need to be warm. They can freeze if they become too cold (which happened this weekend).

They will fall if they are lying down in trees.  

Although the phenomenon can seem scary, many iguanas won’t die. Many will survive and then thaw as temperatures rise again.

The National Weather Service reassured residents that this is normal for the species.

Ron Magill, Zoo Miami Communications Director, stated to CBS News that survival rates depend on the size and health of the iguana. According to Magill, the more large the iguana is, the better they are able to tolerate cold temperatures.

CBS News reported that the cold can lead to death for iguanas if they are left in the cold longer than eight hours. This is especially true for younger reptiles.  

Experts warn against bringing iguanas into one’s house.

“Never take cold-stunned iguanas into your home!” the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said. “These are wild animals and may act defensively once they warm up and recover.”