Florida Mom Fears For Her Baby’s Safety When US Marshals Go to the Wrong Apartment With Guns Drawn


A Florida mom says she is shaken up after armed U.S. marshals appeared outside her door with guns drawn, mistaking her apartment for one where they thought a murder suspect was hiding out.

The armed marshals approached the Bradenton home and demanded Kada Staples to come to the door, Ring camera footage shows. Staples was there with her 3-month old baby girl.

Staples explained to the marshals that she was putting her pet dog in his cage.

“Tell him to come out with his hands up. We know he’s in there. The place is surrounded,”One marshal said it.

“Nobody’s in here,” Staples said.

Staples wore a tee shirt and carried her baby girl. At that point, the officers still thought the wanted man was inside. 

“You guys came to the wrong apartment,” Staples said.

While the mother was in tears, the officers realized their mistake and ran.

“They’re pointing guns at us. There’s a gun about a foot away from her face,”Inside Edition: Staples.

She says she feared for her and her baby’s life during the incident.

“I was terrified. I didn’t really know what to do,” Staples said.

After they realized the mistake, Staples said, “they just ran away leaving me there crying.”

“About an hour later, one of the marshals came back upstairs and knocked. It wasn’t necessarily an apology, more so an explanation,” Staples said.

The suspect they were searching for was finally arrested by the marshals at a nearby apartment.