Florida Woman Danielle Redlick Acquitted in 2019 Stabbing Death of Stepfather-Turned-Husband


A Florida woman has been found not guilty of stabbing her stepfather-turned-husband to death after she testified that she killed him in self defense.

Danielle Redlick, mother of two, sobbed and bowed as she was acquitted of the 2019 death of Michael Redlick, 65.

She claimed she reached for a knife when her husband held her down on the kitchen counter.

“He takes his hand and he smashes my head, and so I’m just pinned up against the counter like this and he’s straddling my body here and has me pinned,” Danielle Redlick said.

Danielle did not call 911 until 11 hours after the incident. She cleaned up the crime scene, and even took a break from her work. Prosecutors claim she used a dating app to search for men who were compatible with her. 

Finally, she called 911 to report that her husband may have died from a heart attack.

“He’s stiff and he’s been wounded. He might have had a heart attack. I don’t know,” Danielle Redlick said.

Michael Redlick was previously married to Danielle’s mother, who died in 1991. 

Her slain husband’s friend was shocked by the outcome. “I’m just amazed the jury couldn’t see it – couldn’t see that she was guilty,”He spoke to Inside Edition. 

Danielle Redlick uttered these words after the verdict of not guilty. “thank you”To the jury.

She was found guilty for tampering evidence and will be sentenced in August.

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