Floyd Mayweather’s ex stripper girlfriend shows him how he looks with naked snaps


Anna Monroe, Floyd Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend, has ensured that the unblemished boxer will not forget her after a beautiful Instagram photo.

Monroe posted a semi-naked photo to Instagram, her dignity being covered by the steam from her shower. The Brit shared a video of Monroe with a towel wrapped around large assets and another towel on her head drying her hair.

People loved the candid snaps, and many replied with love hearts or fire emojis. Monroe, who has nearly 80,000 followers on the platform isn’t afraid to share photos of herself in scanty to delight her audience.

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Monroe was seen snoozing with the unblemished boxer, after he had worked at his strip club.

Monroe, despite being born in the UK and residing in Las Vegas, first met Monroe after she accepted a job at Mayweather’s stripclub. 

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Anna Monroe also uploaded a short video with the snap
Anna Monroe also uploaded a brief video to the snap.

Anna Monroe doesn’t shy away from the camera

Mayweather was reportedly the first to see her go home and they began dating shortly after their chance encounter.

After Logan Paul’s Mayweather bout, Mayweather and Nabila split up. Snaps of Mayweather with Gallienne Nabila in New York later revealed that they had been photographed together.

Floyd Mayweather’s ex-stripper Anna Monroe has more than 80,000 Instagram followers

Monroe, however, is living the high-life even without Money’s millionaire status. She was seen at the Super Bowl earlier in the year.

Monroe still lives it up in Sin City but shares his holiday snaps regularly. “ice cold”Ski vacations to Dubai.