Follow the String of Attacks to Find Famous California Mountain Lion


After recent vicious attacks, the search for Los Angeles’ most famous mountainlion is on.

P-22, the mountain lion also known as P-22, was one time pounding on his chihuahua. His dog was injured and the owner took him inside. Taz, who was suffering from deep bites and pain, yelped in agony.

P-22 killed and attacked a leashed dog while it was out for a walk in California’s Hollywood Hills.

Tim Daly with the California Department Fish and Wildlife tells Inside Edition, “it’s just been determined now we should try to capture, bring him in for evaluation and determine what is best for him down the road.”

National Geographic has published P-22. He usually makes his home in Griffith Park where his every move is captured by a trail camera.  

On Monday, he was found living underneath the house while two men installed a security system. Experts recognized it as P-22 immediately after it was tracked by a collar.

A GoFundMeFundraising campaign launched to cover the medical expenses of the dog that was attacked by P-22.

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