Following Robbie Coltrane’s death, Harry Potter’s fans flood social media with Hagrid tributes


Robbie Coltrane, a Scottish actor, has died this week. People all over the globe are grieving his passing. Friends, colleagues and fans all remember Robbie Coltrane as a great actor. Harry PotterColtrane’s passing was a devastating blow to the franchise. Some of the most touching tributes to Coltrane since the birth of social media have been his.

For his role in Rubeus Hagrid, Coltrane is most well-known to the rest of the world. Harry PotterHe was a legend in the movies, but he also had a long and distinguished career. He had worked with actors from every part of the industry and clearly made a lasting impression on them all. The actor was admired by many.

According to The Hollywood ReporterColtrane, who was suffering from an undisclosed illness, died at the hospital near his home. He was 72 years of age. Here’s a look at the way that fans have honored this legend performer.

Poignant Words

Coltrane had some words of wisdom that he left for his own memorial, according to many fans. Harry Potter HBO Max’s 20th anniversary special. There, he said that he was pleased to think of his performance delighting viewers for decades to come – even after he was dead.


Fan Art

To honor Coltrane, many fans shared artworks of Hagrid and Coltrane.


HP Co-Stars

Coltrane’s stars shared their memories of a decade working with him.


Other Actors

Other actors remembered Coltrane fondly as well – even those who may not have worked with him for a decade.


Other Interactions

Coltrane was an actor, but he also left a lasting impression on many. Coltrane’s chance encounters with crew members and reporters were fondly remembered by many people, including journalists and fans.



Coltrane’s memorialization in the media and on social media was a disappointment to many of his fans. They thought that he deserved more respect – especially on the very day of his passing.


Other Performances

Many Coltrane fans pointed out his performances outside the arena. Harry Potter Encourage each other to look for his other work in honor of him.


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