For $4.8M in life insurance payouts, a dentist is accused of murdering his wife on an African Safari Hunting Trip.


A prominent dentist was accused in a case of taking his wife to Africa on a safari to kill her and collect nearly $5 million in insurance.

Bianca Rudolph (Dr. Larry Rudolph) and Bianca Rudolph (his wife of 63 years) were avid big-game hunters. They traveled the world together. 

But Bianca Rudolph’s life came to a violent end when she and her husband flew to Kafue National Park in Zambia — the second largest wildlife reserve in the world. Bianca’s goal was to bag a leopard on the trip.

Their cabin rang out with a gunshot on the last day. Bianca Rudolph died from a gunshot to the chest.

According to the criminal complaint, her husband claimed that his wife accidentally shot herself with the 12-gauge shotgun while she was packing it up.

After an official at the U.S. Embassy stated that he believed that the dentist had committed suicide, the U.S. Embassy placed suspicion on the dentist. “distance between the muzzle of the shotgun and Bianca’s chest…was approximately 6.5 to 8 feet,”According to the criminal complaint. 

An investigation was launched after a friend of Bianca’s told the FBI she suspected foul play, because Dr. Rudolph was allegedly having an affair with a manager of his dental office outside Pittsburgh, according to the complaint. 

According to news reports, the dentist’s alleged mistress gave him a deadline of one year to leave his wife, or she would leave him.

The couple’s daughter, Anabianca, is also a dentist.

Rudolph’s attorney calls the charges “outrageous,”Claim the FBI “is seeking to manufacture a case against”His client. He said that Dr. Rudolph is looking forward to proving his innocence in the trial next month.