For brutally dismembering teens, MS-13 cartel thug is jailed for 50 Years


Following the brutal murder of a 17 year-old girl, MS-13 gang members were sentenced to 50-years imprisonment. The victim was stabbed 100-times and had her body dismembered.

Joya Parada was finally sentenced to 50-year imprisonment after a three month-long trial in which he was found guilty for racketeering related to his involvement with the gang’s attack on Irvin Orellana (17 years old).

Reports indicate that this sentencing follows a string of gang related activity stemming from the 2017 attack. Baltimore Sun.

Capital Gazette reportedOfficials began to search for Orellana when he refused to appear in court for gang-related charges.

Nine gang members are believed to have been involved in the brutal murder
The brutal murder of nine gang members is believed to have involved nine gang members

The Anne Arundel County authorities spent months searching for Orellana. Finally, Orellana was found in a park with his body dismembered. An autopsy revealed that Orellana had been stabbed more times than 100 times.

The murder is thought to have been committed by several members from the La Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13. According to court filings, Parada claimed in the prosecution that he was a new member in the MS-13 gang at time of the murder and was willingly to kill Orellana for his position in the pecking line.

Orellana was believed be “giving information to rival gang members through a girl”He was so attracted to Wheaton Regional park that his family decided to lure him.

According to a memo, Orellana was told by members. “they were going to a party where there were girls”. Parada was also a member of a gang that dug a hole in the park on the night of the murder.

Parada was just 16 when he was involved in the killing
Parada was 16 when he was involved with the murder.

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According to prosecutors, at least nine members stabbed or dismembered Orellana when they arrived with him as a 17-year-old. Parada was only 16 years old at the time of the murder.

Parada is the latest gang member to be sentencing in a federal racketeering trial that has been brought against dozens more members of MS-13.

After the 2016 gang murders, 30 members or associates were convicted by the US Court for Maryland.

According to the FBI, MS-13 is considered to be the United States’ largest criminal organization. CNN. It was reported: “Over the years, members of the international gang have been convicted of a number of crimes across the country, ranging from racketeering to murder.”