Forecasters expect more snow this month due to a deep freeze of -5C in the UK.


Forecasters predict more snow to fall in the UK this month. A -5C deep freeze is expected to strike parts of the UK within days.

The Met Office stated in their long-range forecast, beginning January 23, that: “A more unsettled regime is most likely during late January and into early February with spells of wet and windy weather followed by brighter but showery interludes.

“While the majority of temperatures will be above or near average, there may be some cooler interludes.

“Snow could fall to lower levels at times in any colder interludes but is most likely over higher ground in the north.”

Forecasters say 'more snow coming' this month with -5C deep freeze hitting UK soon
In the next few weeks, some regions may see temperatures as low as -5C

WX ChartsMet Office also released weather modeling maps which support their prediction of more snow. But they think it will arrive before January 23.

Maps show that a front with heavy rain and snow will move through several regions, especially the north, between Saturday, January 15th, and Tuesday, February 18.

WX Charts indicates that northern Scotland is the most affected area. In higher regions, up to three inches of soil could be found.

Aberdeen and Inverness could get an inch. Some white stuff will also fall in Edinburgh.

Forecasters say 'more snow coming' this month with -5C deep freeze hitting UK soon
Later in the month, a snow front will move through northern parts of the UK

WX Charts predicts that temperatures in northern Scotland could fall as low as -5C during this time.

It is predicted that snow will fall in Northern Ireland and Northern England as well, while other areas will be flooded by heavy rains.

WX Charts predicts that temperatures in Belfast, Manchester, and other areas will fall to -1C on Saturday 15 January.

Fortunately, temperatures won’t drop as low for at least a few weeks. Today’s high is expected to be about average for this season.

Forecasters say 'more snow coming' this month with -5C deep freeze hitting UK soon
Flurries containing white stuff arrived in various parts of the UK during the week.

According to Met Office, England’s South West will be the hottest region today, with afternoon highs of 9C.

Southern-central England will hit 8C today. Northern Ireland and most of Scotland will be hovering around 6C to 7C.

East Anglia won’t be able to beat 5C today.

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