Former Boxing Champion Announces Retirement at 34 Years Old


A retired professional boxer, who was a four-division champ, is now a retiree.ESPN reports that ESPN has a total of 58 million subscribers.Mikey Garcia calls it a career at the age of 34. Garcia has won titles at 126, 130, 135, and 140 pounds over his career. Garcia attempted to win five division titles in 2019, but lost to Errol Sence Jr. in his 147-pound division. 

“My brother Mikey had a great boxing career,”ESPN reported that Robert Garcia, Robert Garcia’s older brother and trainer, spoke on Tuesday. “Becoming a five-time champion of the world in four divisions is something very few have done. I am very proud of my brother for everything he accomplished in boxing. Now it’s time for him to enjoy his life together with his family and loved ones.”  

Mikey Garcia didn’t make the announcement publically, but Submitted “Retired World Champ” His Instagram page description. He was a pro boxer when he first started in 2006. He won his 39 initial matches. Garcia lost to Spence in 2019, his first loss of his career. His only loss came last year, when he was defeated by Sandor Martin via majority decision. Garcia ended his boxing career with a score of 40-2. He was never knocked down. Gracia was eager to face Martin again after the match against Martin. 

“I would definitely consider the rematch,” Chris Mannix, Garcia said to Garcia at the time, “Persist!” DAZN. “I think two more rounds could have made the difference. I thought I was coming on better in the later rounds. But there’s no excuses. That’s the way it is.”  Garcia also gave a ton of respect for Martin, who is the current WBA International super-lightweight champion. 

“I thought it was a good fight. He fought a very good fight,” Garcia said, per The Ring. “I thought I did the necessary to close the gap, putting the pressure, looking for the fight. He was the one moving, running around a lot. He countered me a few times, but I was the one actively looking for the fight; I thought I was ahead on the cards. It is what it is. That’s why there’s three judges. They decided he was the one winning the fight.”Garcia is from a boxing family Robert was a former IBF Super Featherweight Champion.