Former KKK Headquarters will be transformed into a Cultural Center Texas


According to reports, a former meeting spot of the Ku Klux Klan is being turned into a cultural centre. CBS News.

The project was known as Transform1012According to CBS News, a $3 million federal grant was awarded Tuesday to a local organization.

It will go towards transforming the derelict building on Main Street in Fort Worth, which will be named after Fred Rouse, a Black man who was lynched about a mile from the site a century ago, CBS News reported.

“This funding is going to help bolster reparative justice,”Marc Veasey, Congressman said in a statement: Star Telegram. It “will commemorate those who have suffered from racially and culturally directed violence and oppression.”

The space was built in 1924 by the white supremacist group and was used as their headquarters in the Fort Worth area.

“We’ve lost so many stories because a building has gotten too old,”Star Telegram: Veasey

He stated that the project will be completed by December. “be something that’s going to be much, much more powerful than had it been reduced to rubble.”

Local artists and social justice leaders will use the new center as a community centre and arts hub. They hope it will spark moments of inspiration. “truth-telling and healing,” the group’s website said, according to Smithsonian.

CBS News reported that plans for the Fred Rouse Center for Arts and Community Healing also include a performance space and museum exhibits as well as a resource center for LGBTQ youth.

Adam W. McKinney, a Black butcher who was lynched in Fort Worth by a white mob in 1921, started the project.

McKinney, a dance professor and ballet dancer, learned about the hate group’s former headquarters in Fort Worth and discovered that it was still standing, The Smithsonian reported.

“When I think about this place and the hatred that members of this place, the KKK, how they went out into the community and struck fear in a lot of residents,”CBS News interviewed Fred Rouse III as the great-grandson of Rouse.


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