France: Wine grapes grow out of trash heaps


It is said that you can age like fine wines, but what about wine in a heap?

The heatwave that hit France this summer caused a severe drought. Grape growers were able to harvest a special crop that they will soon turn into a new product. “Charbonay” wine.

Named after the 10-year-old vines “Charbonay”A word-marriage between two classic chardonnay grapes. “charbon,”French: coal.

An old slag heap is an area of fertile land in Northern France, where coal mine waste was dumped.

In Northern France, there are over 350 slag heaps. People have been searching for eco-friendly uses for what was once industrial trash.

Additional challenges arise when trying to turn a slag pile into a winery. It’s difficult to use modern machinery on steeply sloped land. The majority of the wine production is done manually.

What does it taste like?

“Charbonay”It has been described as “scented and very buttery,”According to some, the vintage is reportedly “compares well with white burgundies in the same price range.”

The winery’s owner says this year’s harvest should be triple the previous year, proving even a heap of waste can give you a reason to say “Cheers!”


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