Frankie’s extravagant pal stuns EastEnders fans


EastEnders viewers were shocked when Frankie was confronted at the hair salon by a new friend.

Frankie was getting her hair cut when Nancy, her model friend, walked in wearing a yellow blouse.

She claimed that her regular hairdresser was unavailable. “in Bali”She needed to have her hair cut because models were around. “looking at her split ends”.

Frankie was visibly shocked and asked her “what she’s doing”Nancy requested a haircut at the salon.

Nancy gushed “My usual hairdresser’s away in Bali. Honestly, I just did a Gucci shoot and you should have seen the way the girls looked at these split ends!”

Frankie was shocked to hear she had taken photos for such a famous brand.

Nancy acknowledged that she was “trying to fill her portfolio”Frankie asked her before asking Frankie what she was doing since graduating from university.

Frankie was amazed to see her friend in the salon
Frankie was astonished to see her friend at the salon

Frankie lied to say: “I’ve actually been working with influencers a lot!”

As her model friend asked, almost she slipped as she tried to answer the question. “anyone she’d heard of,”Frankie laughed and said it was “top secret information”She said that she would. “have to kill her”If she said so.

Nancy said that Nancy was then “grabbing brunch”She wanted to, and she did. “grab a drink”Frankie “toast their success”.

Frankie was then informed by Nancy. “meet her at the Queen Vicky in an hour,”But fans were shocked.

One viewer posted on Twitter: “Who is this posh cow?”

Another wrote: “Not her […] calling the Vic ‘The Queen Vicky’!”

One fans said: “Oh Frankie, you need to sack her off pronto.”

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