Freak Accident Causes Man to Lose Part of His Leg


Reports say that a freak accident resulted in a man’s loss of a part of his leg in St. Paul on Tuesday.

Police say that a worker installing electrical cables fell at the knee when a wire caught on a vehicle and was wrapped around him. KSTP reported.

According to police, the incident happened shortly before noon. The cable was being installed by workers and cars were allowed to drive on top of it. CBS News reported.

It is believed that the “cable somehow became caught on a passing vehicle”He then grabbed the worker by his leg. KARE11 reported.

The cable pulled him onto the streets and he “collided with the side of a pickup truck,”According to police

KARE 11 obtained a press release from the cops stating that they had been shot by police officers. “due to the wire being around his leg it is believed that the tension in the wire severed his leg around the knee.”

Medics were called and the worker was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries that are non-life threatening, according to reports.

Police claim that no one was hurt in the accident, and that all the drivers involved are cooperating in the investigation.

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