Fred Armisen Transforms Into Uncle Fester for Wednesday Trailer


This news will make your heart sing Snap, snap

On Oct. 8, Netflix revealed the official trailer for the upcoming series WednesdayStarring Jenna Ortega As the Addams Family title daughter. And while the rest of the family has previously been cast—Catherine Zeta Jones plays the drop-dead gorgeous Morticia Addams, alongside Luís Guzman‘s Gomez and Isaac Ordonez‘s brother Pugsley—the identity of the beloved Uncle Fester hadn’t been revealed until now.

It’s true: comedians Fred Armisen Will be playing the lead role. Armisen, a bald-headed actor, made his debut in the trailer by dropping from a tree and electrifying Wednesday with Wednesday’s sword.

“Uncle Fester?”Wednesday is disbelieving when he removes his hat and shows her the first genuine smile in the trailer.

Fester replies by pulling out a black-and white motorcycle and sidecar. She tells her, “I like to travel incognito. C’mon, let’s roll!”

Fans may also be able to spot their very first glimpse of Christina Ricci‘s cameo. Ricci, who played Wednesday in the 1991 film The Addams FamilyMarilyn Thornhill will be playing a new mysterious character, but she won’t be reprising her role. 

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