Fred Ward, Tremors’, and ‘Joe Dirt’ Star, Dead at 79%


Fred Ward is an iconic character actor, best known for his roles as Joe Dirt and The Wizard of Oz. TremorsFranchisee, has died. He was 79 years of age. NPR reportedThe sad news was that Ward’s publicist Ron Hofmann confirmed the sad news. No cause of death has been disclosed at this point. Hoffman shared a statement with the outlet saying that Hoffman died on January 31, 2019. “The unique thing about Fred Ward is that you never knew where he was going to pop up, so unpredictable were his career choices. 

Hoffman continued, “He could be a variety of characters like Remo Williams (a cop trained by Chiun and Master of Sinanju, Joel Grey) to become an unstoppable agent in Remo Williams: The Adventure BeginsEarl Bass, also known as Earl, is an actor who fights giant, wormlike monsters looking for human flesh. ‘cult’ horror/comedy film, Tremors(1990) or as a detective in an indie film Two small bodies(1993) Directed by Beth B. (an underground filmmaker, or a terrorist who planned to blow up Academy Awards in). The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult(1994), or the father in Jennifer Lopez’s revenge thriller Enough (2002).”

Fans and peers took to social media to express their sorrow at Ward’s passing. “Impossible to watch Tremors and not instantly fall in love with both Val & Earl,” Tweet Bloody DisgustingJohn Squires is Editor-in-Chief. “Fred Ward was such a pivotal aspect to the success of those first two movies, and I always held out hope that he’d be back to battle Graboids one more time. It’s just not fully Tremors without him.

Renowned film critic Richard Roeper wrote, “Fred Ward was such a skilled actor, you can’t help but admire his ability to play the tough, gritty guy. He was an outstanding actor. Rest in Peace and thanks for all your indelible performances.

Someone else Additional“Fred Ward was among the first stars I met while working in Hollywood,” says Fred Ward. I worshipped at his altar. MIAMI BLUESAnd TREMORSHe was so special to me. He was a kind guy. Much more so than some actors with lesser credits. Rest in Peace.

Finally, actor Diedrich Bader Offer“Fred Ward was a man who seemed incapable of being authentic. His characters felt as if they had lived a full and rich life. We only see a small part. This is a miracle trick that was done right in front you and very luckily captured in the light forever. RIP.”

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