Free bacon sandwiches for Brits to encourage them to work from home


Britons are offered bacon sandwiches for free to encourage them to move to public transport instead of working at home.

Rail Delivery Group (RDG), in an effort to increase the number of rail passengers, has introduced a new rewards program that includes benefits like free breakfast food from Greggs.

After the pandemic, people began working remotely from their homes and dramatically reduced the number of rail passengers.

Additional benefits include access to mindfulness apps, audiobooks and free coffees from Pure, a London-based cafe chain.

To be eligible for these awards, passengers will need to sign-up

While travelers are not required to show proof of their travel history or provide details about the commute, they should.

New rewards scheme being offered to train commuters to try and help boost passenger numbers
Train commuters are offered new rewards to increase passenger numbers

Jacqueline Starr, chief executive of RDG, stated: “Taking the train is more than just a journey, it benefits the environment, economy and local businesses.

“The rail industry launched a new website for commuters to reward them with free hot drinks, mindfulness, course updates, music streaming, audiobooks, and other benefits. This is in an effort to encourage and support commuters returning home.”

Demand for peak time trains has increased by 5% since the guidance for people in England to work from home was lifted last week, the RDG said.

Pure boss Spencer Craig said: “As with most businesses that rely upon the commuter market for their customers, our customer base dropped by over half due to the restrictions on work-from home and no longer receiving rail commuters into the city.

Free bacon rolls are being offered to train commuters to try boost numbers after they dropped following people working from home
Greggs offers breakfast food as a freebie

“We’re delighted to be working with the rail industry on their commuter rewards platform and look forward to welcoming customers back and providing them with delicious, nutritious meals and drinks on the go.”

This scheme will offer only a few thousand Greggs breakfast rolls for free, but more offers will be announced in the coming weeks.

According to provisional Department for Transport figures on Monday, overall passenger numbers were only 53% lower than pre-pandemic levels.

Incentives to encourage commuters to return work include flexible season ticket options and a relaxation in the rules for amending tickets.

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