French Bulldog taken by men who ambushed owner in her home


A woman arrived home to find two intruders who ambushed her and stole her French bulldog. 

“They hit me at least three times. They pistol-whipped me, and they kicked me in the face, because I just kept fighting as much as I could,”Amanda Hightower explains Inside Edition. “I was saying to them, ‘Please don’t take my dog. Please don’t take my dog.’” 

Doorbell footage shows the men running with the dog in their arms.

Thefts of French bulldogs are on the rise — a crime spree that gained national attention after Lady Gaga’s dogwalker was shot and two of her Frenchies were stolen. They were found later.

Hightower says her beloved 11-month old pup, Milani, is worth $7,000, but her value is actually much higher because she’s pregnant. Her puppies are due next month.

“The babies require extreme neonatal care in order to survive,”Hightower spoke.

She prays that Milani will be returned home.

“Right now, I just want her back safely. I don’t care what it takes,”Hightower spoke. 

Hightower gave her security camera footage to police in hopes that they would help her find the bad guys and her dog.



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