Friends Allegedly Worried After Facial Paralysis Rumors, Risky Plastic Surgery


Is Dolly Parton falling apart? The beloved musician is frequently at the center of rumors surrounding her body. Is plastic surgery destroying her life? Here’s what Gossip Cop has to say.

Dolly Parton Facing Facial Paralysis?

According to The Globe, Parton’s “lopsided frozen waxwork” is worrying her friends. An insider said, “people worry Dolly won’t be able to move her face and will not be able to sing” because she’s gotten too much plastic surgery. All the lifts and fillers have made it hard for her to sing, but she refuses to stop. “Dolly just won’t quit. It’s become her obsession. People worry she’s destroying her looks and will become permanently disabled,” a source said.

Gossip Cop pointed out that Parton’s recent public appearances proved she could still speak. The “Jolene” singer had just gone on Good Morning America to promote her new cooking line when the story came out, so any rumor of her facial paralysis was obviously false.

Too Many Butt Injections?

Per the National Enquirer, Parton had only one desire: “a titanic tush.” She’s had every surgery possible except for a Brazilian butt-lift, so she felt like checking that box. “The reason she’s so gung-ho over fat injections is that they can last for years, although she hasn’t ruled out butt implants either,” a source explained. Parton’s husband Carl Dean is not on board: “Carl thinks Dolly is silly to worry about such things,” the insider revealed.

Parton’s husband is an infamous recluse, so it’s impossible for this tabloid to have any insight into his opinions. This story relied solely on so-called “sources” and had no evidence to back its claims.

Parton ‘Wasting Away’

The Globe claimed Parton was starving to death on just 500 calories a day. An insider said, “there are genuine fears she’s taken dieting too far again,” frightening her friends. A doctor who had never treated the “Coat of Many Colors” called Parton underweight and in danger: “low weight in older people is a serious risk factor.” Parton was undeterred by the danger. A source concluded, “Dolly likes herself that way, but no one else in her circle thinks it’s a very attractive sight.”

Obviously being severely underweight can be a health risk. This story did not pass the eye test because Parton simply does not look skeletal. She’s been open about her eating habits and body image. The doctor was just recklessly speculating. Parton is still in good shape, so this story was totally false.

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