Frozen pizza recall from earlier this summer just got worse


Frozen pizzas are being taken off the shelves in greater numbers. Home Run Inn Frozen Foods has voluntarily removed more than 13,000 pounds frozen meat pizza products from shelves amid a series of similar recalls across multiple brands. After it was discovered that the products may contain metal, it was recalled.

Announced in NotificationThis recall was issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. “Home Run Inn CHICAGO’S PREMIUM PIZZERIA DELUXE SAUSAGE CLASSIC PIZZA.”The 33.5-oz cartons containing the recalled product contained the following: “best by”Date “12/03/22″Number of establishment “EST. 18498-A”Within the USDA mark for inspection. The frozen pizza meat product was recalled and shipped to an Illinois distributor. It was then distributed to retailers.

Woodbridge, Illinois company initiated recall after receiving multiple complaints from customers that metal had been detected in pizza. Home Run Inn Frozen Foods contacted FSIS and noted in the recall notice “there have been no confirmed reports of injuries or adverse reactions due to consumption of these products.”There is still concern that some consumers might still have the product in their freezers or be able to find it at distributors and retail locations. The recall product is being recalled to consumers who bought it. It should also be thrown away. Instead, the product should be thrown out or returned to its original place of purchase.

Home Run Inn Frozen Foods’s latest recall is the latest to impact the frozen pizza aisle. Due to foreign materials, two New England Beach Pizza varieties were recalled by Beach Brand Foods LLC in April. The recall, which was limited to 90 cases with 10 pizzas per case, marked the beginning of a series of similar recalls.

Ready Dough Pizza, Inc. has recalled over 10,000 pounds of its products just weeks after Beach Brand Foods LLC recalled them “Pizza Cubana Cuban Style Pepperoni Pizza.”After it was discovered that the pizzas had not been subject to federal inspection, the recall was made in July. The products also contained undeclared allergens such as wheat, dairy, and soya. Nearly 20,000 pounds worth of frozen meat pizza products were also recalled by Danny’s Sub and Pizza around the same period. They had been made without federal inspection.