Fuming bloke criticizes driver for using charging bay to personal park space


Electric cars are gaining popularity. This is great news for the planet but bad news for those who wait for charging stations.

After an EV charging station was installed on his street, one man decided to get off the road. His selfish neighbor began to use it as his personal parking spot.

Billy Gater from Croydon in South London claims that his neighbour keeps their hybrid car permanently parked there.

Because of this, electric vehicles are not available to anyone else.

Billy posted his frustrations and a picture of his Kia Optima on Facebook. “This car persists in staying on this charging point in St Luke’s Close in Addiscombe for 4 to 5 days at a time. It’s being treated as his own personal parking space.”

only 21 in 400 councils offer access to free charging bays
Only 21 of 400 councils offer free charging bays

According to the ExpressOther locals were frustrated at the actions of the driver.

Some people even advocated for time limits to limit how long you can spend charging your EV in an EV bay.

One person wrote: “Looks like we need some sort of time limit on-street charging spots.”

And another said: “It should be a time-restricted bay.”

The image was posted along with a rant on their local facebook group
The image was uploaded along with a rant to their local facebook page

A third author wrote: “Selfish inconsiderate people! I don’t know how long it takes to charge, but clearly, some rule needs to be established.”

Others pointed out that the vehicle’s owner is not the only one. “well within their right”It is possible to park there as long as the car has been properly taxed and insure, as there aren’t any laws that prohibit them.

To which other replied: “Legally, you’re right. Utterly selfish to prevent others from charging their vehicles, though.”

According to recent data, electric vehicles have risen in popularity by 75% in the UK in the last year – but the number of charging doesn’t reflect the increase.

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After the UK Government declared a ban on new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, electric vehicles will continue to grow.

British Gas found that 21 out of 400 UK cities offer free charging facilities for electric cars. There are more being developed. “play their part”Supporting the switch to diesel and petrol engines.

Lucy Simpson, the head of EV enablement, said: “The latest figures released today demonstrate the need for all UK councils to play their part in supporting the transition to electric vehicles.

“Currently, we have 21 progressive councils that have decided to support local EV adoption, so we would expect a greater uptake of EVs to come through in these areas than in councils where it is expensive to charge.”