Fuming bride kicks maid-of-honor out of hen party – because she has white nails


A woman questioned whether she was in the wrong for wearing, and not removing, her white fake nails to her best friend’s hen do – now, the wedding day’s in jeopardy

It can be stressful to plan a wedding. The bride and groom want everything to go smoothly and the guests have fun.

It’s no surprise that there are so many things to do, including flowers, table centrepieces, catering, and the cake. This can add stress to an already stressful situation.

A woman from the US shares the shocking reason why she has fallen out of love with her best friends before the wedding.

Reddit was her first stop, and she wrote: “So, some background: the bride (24f) and I (25f) have been best friends for 15 years, and we have always been on good terms with zero fights previously.

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“This may be chalked up to the fact that I absolutely hate conflict so I always try to either deescalate situations or simply adhere to her wishes.

“She has been planning a wedding for close to two years now, and she asked me to be her maid of honour as soon as she got engaged. I was ecstatic to be a part of this happy time for her, but that excitement has slowly started dying down because of how she’s been treating me over the last few months.

“My final straw with her happened over this weekend during her bridal shower.”

After arriving early to perform Maid-of-Honour duties and set-up decorations, games, and other items, the woman claimed that things went smoothly until the bride-tobe saw her white nails.

The anonymous female continues in her Reddit post : “We started to get ready for some fun bridal games when my friend pulled me aside to have a private chat.

“I assumed it would be about how the day was going, but what she said honestly just hurt my feelings. She told me she wanted me to either rip off my nails or go home because she felt like the white nails were a subtle dig at her or a way for me to take attention off of her as white is 100% reserved for the bride.”

Defending her white nails, she told her friend that they were press-ons she’d put on for a date with her boyfriend and just hadn’t taken them off.

However, she refused to remove them upon her friend’s request because she found it ‘ridiculous’ and would’ve understood if it was a white dress she’d worn.

Things quickly took a negative turn. “My friend told me to leave because I wasn’t respecting her wishes as the bride.

“I did what I was told and left the event, and now people are messaging me saying I should have just taken the nails off. Her fiancé even asked me to apologise and make up so the wedding can run smoothly in a few days. Apparently, she didn’t think I’d actually leave and thought I’d rip off my nails after her threat.”

The woman is now confused and wonders if she did the right thing by sticking with her guns.

The post has had over 300 comments, with many failing to see the bride’s point of view, despite weddings often leading emotions to run high.

One comment: “Your friend is being ridiculous. It’s quite possibly due to 15 years of you avoiding conflict and her thinking this type of behaviour is acceptable, so the sooner you make a stand, the better.”

Another one: “She’s a ridiculous bridezilla. This was a shower not the wedding and there is no wedding/shower colour ban for nails. It’s completely up to you whether you want to keep your nails on and drop out or accommodate her but know whatever you choose she’s the crazy one.”

A third reason was given: “It was a bridal shower- not the wedding- and it was nails!! I doubt anyone noticed other than her and if they did, I doubt they would’ve thought twice.

“Your friend doesn’t sound like a very good one. I get that weddings are stressful and can make some people a little frazzled but it’s no excuse to act like this. Besides the fact that she thought you’d back off and cave to her demands once she threatened you is telling to how she sees you.

“You two need to talk. If she’s not normally like this and you want to save this friendship you need to tell her about her attitude during this wedding and hopefully it’ll give her a wake up call. If this is just another behavior in a pattern- well- maybe this friendship has run it’s course.”

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