“Furious” Ben Affleck Allegly Screamed at Jennifer Garner Ex-Wife In “Public Display Of Rage”, Shady Sources Spill


A “furious” Ben AffleckHe screamed at his ex wife Jennifer GarnerIn a “public display of rage”? One tabloid reports that Affleck’s been stressing over his relationship with Jennifer LopezAs well as other holiday complications. Gossip CopI took a closer look at this rumor. 

Ben Affleck’s ‘Brutal Screamfest’Jennifer Garner

A recent issue National EnquirerUnder the headline, ran an article “Ben’s Brutal Screamfest With Jen!”According to the report Ben Affleck “unloaded”Jennifer Garner was his ex-wife. The tabloid published photographs of Jennifer Garner and her ex-husband, as evidence of their alleged confrontation. 

Affleck wore an unidentified white mask which made it difficult for us to discern his facial expression. But, we can clearly see him looking at Garner and making large gestures with our hands and arms. Garner for her part is quiet and calm, her hands resting on her chest, clearly listening to Affleck’s words. 

What was The Allergy Fight About?

Both the Inquireor their suspicious source claim to have any knowledge about what was said between the couple. Affleck is, however, described as “screaming hysterically” in Garner’s direction. Though they clearly have no clue what the alleged fight was about, the tabloid’s so-called “insiders”Affleck claimed that Affleck was struggling with the demands from the holidays to keep up with his own demands. “high-maintenance galpal”Jennifer Lopez. 

Lopez, according to one source gives Affleck “a list of daily demands that would be enough to make anyone lose their cool.” Lopez’s alleged “demanding” behavior is a favorite trope with the tabloids, so we’re not feeling too charitable towards this latest diva charge against the Hustlers star. 

Garner remains calm despite being afflicted ‘Ranted And Raved’ – Insider

“Ben always had a short fuse, but this is not cool behavior,”One tipter stated, “Additionally, “It’s both shocking and unacceptable for him to shout and scream like that in front of Jennifer. Lord only knows what set him off. But thankfully, Jen managed to stay calm and composed while he ranted and raved.” This incident is just the latest that has painted Affleck in a poor light when it comes to his relationship with his ex-wife. 

Recently, he was criticized for comments in a Howard Stern interview that Garner made that were misinterpreted by many to mean that Garner was responsible for his drinking habits. Although he later claimed that this was not his intention, many believed that the damage was already done. The source continued. “Poor Jen has the patience of a saint. Still, she shouldn’t have to put up with this kind of behavior under any circumstances.” 

Affleck seems to hold his wife in high regard, going to her often for advice, and even though they divorced, still sees her as a friend. “more of a big sister or kindly aunt than an ex.”The source concluded that despite his stress, he was still in danger. “he needs to watch his step with Jennifer. She’ll only put up with so much.”  

What’s Going On With Ben Affleck?

It’s interesting that all of these sources know exactly why Ben Affleck supposedly screamed “hysterically” in Jennifer Garner’s face, but with all that supposed screaming going on, no one knew what he was saying. That’s very convenient. Affleck does look impassioned in the photos, but that’s not any indication that the two were fighting. 

There’s video of the interaction between them and at certain points it’s possible to hear raised voices over the noise of the traffic, but the two are definitely not screaming at each other. In Publicly accessible footage from the fightThe so-called “screamfest”You can decide for yourself. This just seems like a couple of co-parents chatting after a parent-teacher conference. 

It is not surprising that we are so impressed by the Inquire would take a few out of context photos and use them to drum up a scandal that doesn’t exist. This outlet has been shamefully inaccurate when it comes reporting about Ben Affleck, especially when it concerns his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. 

The outlet once claimed Lopez was fed up with Affleck’s smoking habit, which we covered here. The tabloid also likes to claim Lopez is so controlling of Affleck’s behavior that she put him on a “strict routine,”Despite the fact that he hated it. Check out our report on the rumor. We’ll warn you, the InquireA commitment to being brutal and cruel, which requires a strong stomach. 

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