G-Eazy mourns the loss of his mother as he pays touching tributes to his ‘queen. hero. and everything’


G-Eazy shared the sad news about his mother Suzanne’s death on social media.

He shared a selection of photos of his mother, including photographs from her youth. The post was started by him: “I love you so much. The shock still won’t let me accept the feeling that I’ll never get to hug you in person again. My queen, my hero my everything…my mom.”

“The tears won’t stop. My eyes hurt, my face hurts, my body hurts, everywhere hurts. There’s no safe place to hide and there’s no way to lay, sit or stand that doesn’t hurt. The pain is enormous. But I know you’re out of yours and that brings me peace.”

The caption continued to express his admiration of his mother, talking about her suffering and the pain she had to endure. The caption was concluded by him with: “You loved your boys more than life itself and we love you the same. Luckily we have each other to hold and to lean on and that’s all that matters.”

“Our hearts are broken, but they are full of love and gratitude for the life you gave us. With us always…we love you mom.”

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