G-Eazy pays tribute to his mother with a heartfelt condolence


G-Eazy compares himself to Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

G-EazyHe is grieving the loss his mother.  

Wednesday, November 24, 2009 “Me, Myself & I” rapper posted a Collection of photos and voicemail from his late mother, artist Suzanne Olmsted, alongside a moving tribute to “my queen, my hero, my everything… my mom”Instagram 

Declaring that he was “shock,”G-Eazy explained to us that his “tears won’t stop”Since her death, she has been in my thoughts. The singer (real name Gerald Earl Gillum) didn’t disclose when or how she passed away.

“My eyes hurt, my face hurts, my body hurts, everywhere hurts,”He wrote. “There’s no safe place to hide and there’s no way to lay, sit, or stand that doesn’t hurt. The pain is enormous.” 

However, despite his own grief, he said that knowing his mom was no longer in any pain brought him a sense of “peace.”

Olmsted calling “the definition of super-human,” G-Eazy said he came to respect and admire his mother’s strength and tenacity as he gradually learned more about her throughout his life.

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