Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade Share the Most Anoying Traits of Each Other


Gabrielle Union, actress, and Dwayne Wade (ex-Miami Heat NBA star), recently stopped by Kelly Clarkson Show. Clarkson and the couple sat down to discuss their changing relationship and shared some insight into their marriage.

Wade: ‘We’ve Got To Pick One Thing?’

Clarkson asked Clarkson to ask the couple a humorous question after they had shared some of their best moments together. “name the thing that drives them nuts about each other.”

The couple’s responses were very relatable and down-to-earth. After asking jokingly, “We’ve got to pick one thing?”Wade explained that Union is a backseat passenger. He explained that Union had stopped driving a while back. “After a few fender benders, she realized that driving wasn’t her thing.”Wade continued to state that Union will now be seated in the passenger seat. “She tells me how to drive.”

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Union quickly returned the favor and explained to the audience that Wade had been killed. “is a snorer.”Wade tried to justify his snoring with the following statement: “If I’m on my back!,”To which Union it was: “If you know you snore on your back, then turn over.”

Ever the gracious host, Clarkson came to Wade’s defense, sharing some insight into her own sleeping habits and admitting that “since age hit, [she] started snoring”That and more “turning over is something that you can’t control in your sleep.”

Impromptu Couples’ Therapy?

Union went on to say that Wade makes things worse by bringing the couple’s French Bulldog, Trey, into bed. She said the two can share a bed when they sleep together. “It’s like a symphony of snoring.”

Wade jokingly responded that he didn’t know they were in for a therapy session that day and thanked Clarkson for bringing them on the show.

This clip of their interview was posted on the show’s Instagram page, and the comments section quickly filled with viewers’ support of the couple and remarks about how down-to-earth the couple appeared. You can comment like “#relatable,”And “love it. They are like your regular couple except it’s Dwayne and Gabrielle. Love how Kelly makes the entire conversation feel normal.”

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Some people supported the Union with these comments: “I feel her pain. My husband snores no matter if he is on his back, stomach or side.”

Viewers loved the peek into the couple’s marriage and enjoyed the loving jabs they made to each other.

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