Game Show Ended After 9 Seasons


An old favorite game show will be ending its run in October. Movie Trivia SchmoedownThe YouTube sensation “The Script” is closing. It was a popular YouTube channel that featured film enthusiasts testing their knowledge. Co-hosts Kristian Harloff Mark EllisOn Friday’s episode, the show’s producers broke the news to the fans Friday Night Titansbanner) to let them know that the already-filmed content will continue being released in the coming weeks. However, the series finale of the show will air on October 7th in a special titled “Schmoedown Spectacular VII.”They did not mention that they were looking into any content to stay in touch with their fans. Movie Trivia SchmoedownIts nine-season run is over.

“It is with bittersweet hearts that we say, after nine seasons, this will be the final season of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown,”Ellis said.

“Indeed it is, Mark. Just hearing you say it, it’s tough to hear,”Harloff later said that, “We’ve got one more big dance, the ‘Schmoedown Spectacular VII,’ and we hope you join us.”

Ellis concluded the announcement by expressing gratitude to all those who were on the show, and its loyal fans. “Our competitors, our crew, the managers, everyone that’s involved has put their blood, sweat and tears into the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, thank you, obviously, and it will be a summer and fall season of thank yous as we lead into that last “Schmoedown Spectacular.” But also to you fans who are hearing this news for the very first time, it can be a shock, it can be sudden, but that means that you cared about this product, and we loved putting it out for you. As storybook endings go, as we look to the movies, if it’s not quite the end of Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade with us riding off into the sunset, it’s also not Thelma and Louise. We’re very happy with what we’ve given you over these last nine seasons and what we will continue to give you.”

The program is a combination of a game show format and pro-wrestling style promos. It was started by the Schmoes Know brand. In 2014, the first season of matches aired. Since then, YouTube has been flooded with face-offs. They partnered with ColliderIn recent years, Skybound Entertainmentto increase the show’s reach. Regular personalities Movie Trivia Schmoedown include Samm Levine, Dan Murrell, John Rocha, Marisol McKee, Mara KnopicAmong others, Ken Napzok and Josh Macuga, Mark Reilly, and Mark Reilly.

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