Garth Brooks Reflects on “The Chase” in the Lead-up to 30th Anniversary (Exclusive).


Garth Brooks The ChaseLater this year, Brooks will turn 30 and the country music legend remains committed to the album, which was controversial at its time. Brooks spoke out about the album, his fourth, in a Friday interview. The ChaseTo reach this point, it took a long time. RIAA Diamond statusBrooks found the moment it hit the mark on January 2020 to be even more rewarding because of this.

“It’s my favorite of the Diamonds because it was the one that just got the living hell kicked out of it for ‘We Shall Be Free,'”Brook exclusively spoke to “It really started out in a hole. And people were like, ‘Oh, he’s changed his music.’ I didn’t change my music. It’s just another side of me. And so ‘We Shall Be Free’ was the most loving [record] we’d ever done. And because of that, it took a beating. I can’t tell you how proud I was when that Diamond came across. They said it was The Chase; s—, I cried because these are like your children, in a way. So to see that thing reach Diamond status really made me even more proud than when No Fences or Double Live or anything was lucky enough to get there.”

Chase’sThe release of the album began the album cycle. “We Shall Be Free”Single on August 31, 1992. Many country music listeners found it divisive due to its slower, piano-based sound as well as its lyrics that referenced LGBTQ equality and tolerance of other religions. The song received little radio airplay, and the response was somewhat slow. The ChaseAs a whole on September 14, 1992. Despite the protests of the core country crowd, it was accepted by all and continues to be a popular song even today. Brooks, who co-wrote the song with Stephanie Davis, was an important anchor for an emotionally charged moment at the festival. 2021 Kennedy Centers Honors ceremony. Gladys Knight performed the song with Brooks who was being honored that evening, tearing up.

January 23, 2020 The ChaseWas Officially certifiedAs 10x MultiPlatinum, it means that 10 million units were sold. It is considered a Diamond. One unit equals 10 song downloads, or 1,500 streams. Brooks released it as his eighth Diamond album. Garth Brooks, No Fences Ropin’ The Wind The Hits, Double Live, Sevens The Ultimate Hits. Brooks achieved his Album ninth DiamondOn August 14, 2021, In PiecesThe benchmark was met.

Brooks’ record sales will continue to come in, but his current focus is on touring. Brooks is currently on The Stadium Tour. He will be playing Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, Fayetteville (Arkansas) on April 23. Brooks will be playing a steady set of dates in 2022, including stops throughout Baton Rouge and Cincinnati, Salt Lake City as well as Charlotte.

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