Gary Lineker, now a bad driver, gets into road-rage spats


Gary Lineker, Footie legend, says he should be given a red card because he drives like Mr Magoo.

Match of the Day host Gary, 61, said that although he was not booked as a matchmaker, he jokes about how he could become a motoring menace just like the classic cartoon character. Gary, 61, said: “Sometimes I get a bit of road rage if somebody carves me up – but usually it’s my fault.”

Tony Bellew (39), a former boxer, said on his podcast, that he was at fault recently while driving. “I pulled out a little bit when I shouldn’t have done,”He stated. “The fella wound his window down, he’s going, ‘You f***er Gary!’

“Then he said, ‘Hello Gary! How are you mate?’ It’s no problem as it’s you!’ He was nice to me and it was fine.”

Lineker, who retired in 1994 at the age of just 35, has become one of the most popular pundits and presenters of football.

He also recently thought about his appearance in Bend It Like Beckham, a film that celebrated its 20th anniversary.

He was a minor cameo in the film, and he spoke to the BBC about his role earlier this month. “overacted”While you are on camera.

Which ex-footballer would you most like to be in a road rage row with? Please leave your comments in the section below.

Gary Lineker
Gary Lineker has admitted that his poor driving has led him to road rage bouts

“Crikey I look a lot younger,”As he re-watched the scene, he laughed. “I think I overacted a little bit but at the time I was wondering why I didn’t win a bafta. Now I can see it.

“It’s actually a funny scene, because obviously you’re in there and you expect her to go ‘aw she did really well’ and this and that, and then obviously the exact opposite. She’s not happy at all that she’s playing this ridiculous game called football, which I can totally understand.”

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