Gas Masked Thieves Target Tented Homes as They Are Fumigated For Termites


If you have termites, exterminators may cover your house with a tent for fumigation. Now comes the warning that thieves may target these homes by using gas masks to remove toxic fumes.  

It happened to screenwriter Chloe King, who had $77,000 of her mother’s jewelry stolen by a thief who was seen rifling through her closet as the home was being treated for termites.

“As the police stated, it is open season,”Inside Edition: King.

King is not only blaming the intruders but also Terminix, which she hired to deal with the infestation. She claims she wasn’t told to secure her valuables, and that the house would be protected.

Tanler Exterminating CEO John Beltran says that he makes sure clients are aware of the risks and take precautions prior to tented fumigation.

“Any valuables, firearms or anything of high-dollar value — you need to make sure you either remove it or secure it someplace else,”Beltran spoke.

He suggests installing a temporary security system that will notify police if there’s movement in the home. He suggests that hiring a private security company for a few days may be a wise investment.

Terminix says the work in King’s home was done by a different service provider. Still, the company arranged a refund, saying the safety and security of their customers is their top priority.

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