Gayle King Allegedly Being Pushed out Of ‘CBS Mornings’Industry Rumors: After Falling Ratings


It is Gayle KingIs she at risk of losing her job? One report says she’s getting pushed off CBS Mornings over lousy ratings. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Ratings, Rivalries Cut Anchor Adrift’

According to the National EnquirerKing is blowing it at CBS Mornings. Her declining ratings make it difficult for her to stay at CBS. Her $11million per year contract will soon expire and her bosses plan to reduce the budget. “To be expensive and have no one watching isn’t a winning formula in the TV business,”According to a source.

Gayle is talented but not as good as others. CBS Mornings can’t sniff the ratings of GMA Today. According to a source, her powerful friends are: “can only help her now if they show up on the show — and bring viewers with them.” She’s not the only CBS anchor at risk of losing their job — Norah O’Donnell is in the hot seat as well. The mole is out. “It’s shaping up for a bloodbath over at CBS, and no one in the newsroom is safe!”

Gayle King is Still Here ‘CBS Mornings’?

Gayle King is currently negotiating multiple offers, which makes this story completely false. The contract will expire in May, and it appears like there is a bidding battle. Page SixIt was revealed that rival networks are Sign up now to be her. According to CBS sources, they “will do everything we can to keep King.”

MSNBC is searching for a replacement for Rachel Maddow’s evening slot, so that would be a logical destination. King could sit alongside Hoda Kotb. TodayOr, you can visit ABC. She’s making about $9 million, not $11 million, and could fetch even more on the free market.

Without King, CBS MorningsIt would not have any star power. It doesn’t have the same market share as TodayOder GMAKing is the reason King has earned it any ratings. This story is false because the network seems desperate to keep King.

Other Bogus Stories

The Get in touchIt is changing its story completely. In a desperate attempt to keep Gayle Queen around, CBS claimed it was hiring people last August. It now wants to shut the door on Gayle King’s exit. We also debunked its story about King pushing O’Donnell out of CBS. Each time this tabloid publishes an article about King it can’t decide which level of power she supposedly holds.

Ratings pop up all the time in this magazine’s pages, but it seldom means anything. It claimed The View would get less political over sagging ratings, but it’s in the market for a new lighting rod conservative specifically for politics. This is not a credible source. King is in high demand, so it should not be taken as gospel.

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