Gayle Responds to Olivia Rodrigo’s Love from Kim Kardashian


“Olivia Rodrigo DMed me. That was insane,”She shared. “She was just congratulating me on the success of the song. She told me that I was killing it and that was very just nice to hear from her, especially because she’s just such an amazing artist and talented human being.”

So, does this mean there’s a duet in the future? Gayle believes that it isn’t.

“I would love to collaborate with Olivia. I had an opportunity to ask that but I didn’t because, you know, everybody wants to collaborate with Olivia Rodrigo,”She added that they might be able to work together on a project. “amazing, but I’m also not going to be like stalking her for it because she knows what she wants to do.”

Gayle also knows that her personal angsty sound has drawn parallels to the Sourartist’s work but she claimed she has “absolutely no problem being compared to Olivia Rodrigo.”

“I’m so grateful and so happy that people could look at my music and even just think it’s maybe possibly the high quality of Olivia’s is. The only problem that I have with comparisons is when they start competing us against each other,”She spoke. “I truly believe that we both can be great in our own ways, and she’s already great. And I’m just trying to do my thing and not suck, you know?”