Geena Davidson Sparks Health Fears with Allegedly Concerning Recent Images, Rumor Claims


Is it? Geena DavisAre you fighting a secret battle for your health? One tabloid claims the actress’ appearance has sounded alarms for fans. Here’s the latest gossip about the Thelma & Louise actress.

Pictures can spark fears ‘Skeletal’Geena Davis?

This week, National Enquirer Geena is looking worse, according to reports. Recently, the star stepped out in casual attire, including a sweatshirt and baggy jeans. She also wore bright orange slides. But, according to the tabloid, is was Davis’ “gaunt and ghostly”The show’s star. While Davis has worked hard to stay in the public’s consciousness over the years, she was seldom spotted out as she finalized her divorce from her fourth husband, Reza Jarrahy. Fans are now concerned about how hard the separation has made her feel. “She looked terrible!”One insider spoke out about the photos. “It seemed as if all the life was drained away from her face, and she’d totally given up on her appearance!”

Fans Fear Geena Davis Is ‘Wasting Away’?

This report is obviously just a poorly veiled jab at Geena Davis’ appearance. Despite feigning worry for Davis’ health, the tabloid only ever insults her for the way she looks. The tabloid never brought up any health issues, which suggests that it wasn’t about Davis’ well-being. That’s especially clear from the photo the tabloid chose to use. Although Davis is shown in the tabloid’s photo hunched over mid-step in the dark shade of a station, it’s not the only photo of her outing. In Davis in the sun: Other picturesWith her posture returning to normal, she looks perfect.

But that’s of no interest to the tabloid because it just wanted to shame Davis, a Hollywood actress, for getting older. Davis has been working hard on this issue. Geena Davis Institute is her charity and is committed to fighting ageism, sexism and other biases within showbusiness.

Davis was also a guest in a podcast, where she recounted being told that she Was too old to be a love interest in movies. “It’s very strange and so prevalent,”She elaborated. “A certain male actor that was making a movie said that I was too old to be his romantic interest, and I was 20 years younger than him.”

Clearly, a tabloid report like this wouldn’t come as a shock to Davis. But their prevalence stems from the exact issues she’s preaching against.

The Tabloid on Other Famous Actresses

Geena Davis certainly isn’t the first actress the National Enquirer Their appearance has been mocked. The outlet stated that experts had warned them not long ago “skeletal” Angelina Jolie about her dangerous weight loss. The magazine then reported that Pamela Anderson had lost a lot of weight and was now unrecognizable. Plus, the magazine claimed Lisa Marie Presley had been a part of this story. “one foot in the grave”After you have noticed her “concerning” appearance. Evidently, the Get in touch Famous women are hesitant to make changes after years of being in the public eye.

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