Gemma Collins confesses to blowing £50k in one day as she reflects on being poor


Former TOWIE star Gemma Collins has expressed her deep felt gratitude for her dad on Father’s Day – praising him for always keeping her grounded when it came to money.

The TV Star at 41 explained that she would remain humble, and that it was all due to Alan Collins who kept her in line.

Gemma shared her heartfelt reflections on the occasion in a touching post.

She was proud of Alan’s determination and hard work in turning things around for her brood. The starlets dad started his own shipping business.

Gemma Collins opens up on once being poor
Gemma Collins discusses once being poor

In the sweet statement, the GC also had a lot to say about her dad’s teachings when it came to spending as she boasted to once splurging £50,000 in one wild shopping spree at London’s West End.

Alan saved her from certain doom when he took her card.

Gemma shared the adorable photo on Instagram along with a cute smiley snap of Alan enjoying the sun.

The TV star wrote, “My EVERYTHING father, you’re an ACT OF CLASS.” Once we were so poor that we didn’t have a toaster, we used to heat our toast on a gas stove.

Gemma's dad took away Gemma's bank card after she'd blown 50k in one day
Gemma’s dad took away her bank card after she’d blown £50k in one day

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“Your endless hard work and love for your family changed that all you now have a successful shipping company but even more important then this you have given me and my brother and nephews unconditional love.”

She continued: “Except the time I spent 50k in west end that was not a good day for me he-he, when the card got taken away, however it was from a place of pure love … the words swirl around in my head …. ‘Gucci won’t pay your Mortgage.’

The former TOWIE star finished: “We love you so much not only that so does everyone …. You told me ‘material means nothing Gemma’ … I never got that or what you mean I do now on my spiritual path however older wiser and with your guidance I totally get your my spiritual guru my business partner and my EVERYTHING without you I would be nowhere near the person I am today without your kindness selfless ways and grounded attitude is something I will cherish forever …

“P.S can I have the card back hun. Love you.”

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