Gen X TikToks Only Genuine Gen X’ers Will See Funny


The razor-sharp humor of Gen X Council on TikTok is the epitome of Generation X’s take-no-prisoners attitude. This guy might not speak for the entire generation, but his humor is definitely typical of his peers—which is to say it’s vastly superior to every other generation that came before or after.

Gen X, despite being the smallest generation and most overlooked (no complex there), has become their strongest asset. All the hardship has made Gen X even funnier than ever before, and no one’s funnier on TikTok than the user called Gen X Council.

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Forest Leonard is the real name of Gen X Council. He spends a lot time talking about different Gen X cultural touchstones, and figuring out what makes them stand out from other people. His dry sense of humor has amassed tens of thousands of followers who can’t get enough of his witticisms. Here are a few of the videos we love. He gets Gen X right and the videos are hilarious!

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The Art of Making ‘Blazing Saddles’Today

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Stabilizing The Digital And Analog Era

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There are so many other hilarious videos and discussions on Gen X Council’s channel, including some truly thought-provoking commentary on the differences between Gen X and everyone else. Sometimes it’s hard to be the superior generation, but mostly it just means you’re funnier than anyone else.