Generous Customer and Her Followers Give $10,000 Tip to IHOP Server in Georgia


Rita Williams turned a $30 IHOP meal into a $10,000 tip for a server in need.

“So I gave her the 20,” Rita explained, “and she was like ‘are you serious,’ and I’m like yeah, it’s 20 dollars. And I was like, ‘here,’ and I handed her another 20, and she goes no.”

Jazmine Castillo was working her shift as a restaurant server in Georgia, giving what Rita Willams called amazing customer service.

Rita says she felt inclined to give Jazmine $500 and asked for her Cash App information. But she didn’t leave the generosity there. Rita asked her social media followers if they would like to also support Jazmine.

“If you guys feel it in your heart, let’s bless her,” Rita said at the time. “Let’s surprise her and title it ‘IHOP Blessing.’ Twenty minutes later, I’m getting all of these notifications on Facebook and Instagram saying ‘done, done, done.’”

“I hear the notifications,” Jazmine notes. “I don’t usually get cash apps. I didn’t know what was going on.”

Rita and her social media followers sprinkled their IHOP blessings on Jazmine with donations reaching about $10,000. And according to Jazmine, that money was sorely needed.

“My mom is sick,” she said. “She just got out of the hospital Thanksgiving Day. Her medicine and hospital bills. And I can finally help with that. It’s hard.”

Complete strangers have opened their hearts and wallets to Jazmine, and for that, Rita is thrilled.

“I am beyond happy for Jazmine,” she said. “I don’t think it could’ve happened to a better person.”