Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson revealed she is pregnant with a second child


Marnie Simpson, who is currently 13 weeks pregnant, has revealed that her second child is on the way.

Geordie Shore’s baby babe announced Monday that baby number 2 is coming.

Marnie and Union J star Casey Johnson, her partner, are “thrilled”They explained that they were adding to their family, but the good news was that it was not. “shock”Both of them.

The reality TV star is already a mom to Rox, her two-year old son. She also shares her home with Casey.

The bombshell of a 29-year-old woman told a new story! magazine: “We’re so excited and super happy. It was a bit of a shock but we’re just so thrilled!”

Casey also included: “I’m really excited. Obviously, you’re always going to be a little bit scared, too.”

They are thrilled to expand their family.

Marnie shared with us that Marnie’s pregnancy has not been easy. She has struggled to eat and has suffered from severe sickness.

This is “totally different”She says this about her first child.

Marnie stated: “With Rox, I felt so healthy and glowing and I was a ray of sunshine, but this time I genuinely feel like the walking dead.”

They are not sure if they will discover the gender of their baby, but they love each other.

Marnia and Casey are expecting their second child next year

Marnie expressed her excitement about the arrival of their baby girl, but said she didn’t believe they would have any more children.

This is a few months ago after Marnie and Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore babes, announced that they were ready to return to the house that made them famous more than a decade back.

Due to Marnie’s wonderful baby news, this won’t happen anymore.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of MTV’s outrageous series. The girls revealed previously that they would love to celebrate the big day doing what they love best.

Silver Screen Beat spoke to Sophie, 32, at the recent virtual launch of Geordie OGs. “We’ve been messaging for quite a while now me and all the girls and we all really want to do it.

“It’s impossible to predict when, but I hope it will happen soon.

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