George Clooney and Amal Clooney Constantly Fighting, Foregoing Marriage Crisis


Are You GeorgeAnd Amal Clooney Nearing a breaking point in their relationship? Rumor is, the couple can’t stop fighting over George’s partying, flirting, and constant traveling. Here’s the latest from the tabloids.

George Clooney’s Marriage To Amal ‘Melting Again’?

The September issue of Globe reported George Clooney’s “wanderlust”Lifestyle “creating a new marriage crisis.”George wanted to expand his property portfolio by purchasing a few new European properties, but it was difficult to convince Amal to join him. Amal apparently wanted “a less nomadic lifestyle and is happy to stay put more in the U.S.”

A source however said that it was possible to make a case for if “George had his way, he and Amal would divide their time between Italy, France, England, Portugal, and America.”The constant travel was however “exhausting madness”Amal believed it to be “no life for the kids.” Not to mention, the instability was a killer to Amal’s career as a human rights attorney. Find out more about the Clooney-Clooney conflict here.

Amal Clooney is a fan of Jennifer Aniston

But if disagreeing about where to live wasn’t bad enough, the National Enquirer Amal was a competitor. Jennifer Aniston apparently had a lifelong crush upon George and was struggling to contain her passion. Aniston’s flirting got so bad that Amal was doing everything she could to keep her away from George.

“Amal went out of her way to avoid spending time with Jen this past summer because, quite frankly, she finds her over-friendly towards her husband!”Insider dish. “She trusts there’s zero chance of Jen and George actually hooking up, but they have a real cliquey vibe when they hang out. Amal often finds herself on the outside of their Hollywood conversations.” We took a close look at George’s love triangle here.

Amal Clooney Warns George About Brad Pitt

According to A New IdeaBrad Pitt, who was just what George needed, is a good influence. As George and Pitt geared up to make yet another film together, Amal grew concerned that Pitt could lead her husband off of the straight-and-narrow path he’d been walking. Apparently, Pitt wasn’t around for years because George wasn’t a fan of Pitt’s ex-wife, Angelina Jolie. They “never saw eye to eye, which drove a wedge between the two friends,”The tipster elaborated.

Amal was “doing her best to not make the same mistakes Angelina did,”She was worried about George and Pitt. “going to get up to mischief”Pitt is now an unattached man. Amal, of course. “also wants George to be happy”For the sake of their families. Despite her desire to support, she “would prefer Brad to be married.” We checked in on Amal and Pitt’s growing feud here.