George Clooney Claims to Have Faced $500 Million Divorce from Amal, After It Was Supposed ‘Meltdown,’ Gossip Claimed Last Year


Were GeorgeAnd Amal Clooney Last year, the couple was on the brink divorce. Twelve months ago, one tabloid claimed that the famous couple’s marriage barely survived quarantine. Let’s check back in on the Clooneys.

George Clooney ‘Trapped In Quarantine Hell’?

The following was published in May of last year Globe According to reports, tensions were high in the Clooney household. According to reports, George and Amal were so used keeping busy that they didn’t mind sharing the quarantine quarters. This was a huge blow to their marriage. “These past few weeks have been hell on earth for the Clooneys!”A insider was present at the time. “George is not taking well to being bossed around and Amal’s finding it suffocating and tedious having to clean up after him.”

The couple are well-known for their love of real estate and were able to travel the world to escape from one another. Sources said that the quarantine was forcing the Clooneys into a hard look at marriage and they were afraid their union might not survive. “Pals fear the simmering bad blood will boil over into a $500 million divorce,”One tipper said so. “Ultimately, neither of them wants a divorce, but they’re so set in their own ways and have a tough time compromising over the issues that bug them about each other,”The other source has been concluded.

Did The Clooneys Get A $500 Million Divorce Settlement?

We’ve heard this many times before: Amal is controlling, George is a lifelong bachelor, and they have never agreed to compromise on either of their lifestyles. That’s the version of the Clooneys that the tabloids often report on, and we’ve gotten to know them pretty well. But here’s the catch: They’re a complete work of fiction. We have no reason to believe that George Clooney and Amal Clooney are telling the truth. It is therefore a mystery why these magazines continue to run with this story.

In 2020, an interviewer asked the same question back George explains how he handled quarantineHe replied: “Here at the house, I’ve got an amazing wife and two funny knuckleheads that make me laugh, and I get to wake up with them every morning and put them to bed every night.”Amal and he never got divorced over his cleaning habits. Once, the actor even stated that Amal and he have never had a real fight.. Evidently, there was no reason for us to buy this story last year when it was first published.

The Tabloid on George and Amal Clooney

This is not the first instance of the Globe invented trouble for the Clooneys, and it certainly wasn’t the last. Another outlet reported that Amal had threatened George with divorce proceedings for $570 million. The magazine then reported that George and Amal were arguing about whether to have another child. The publication also claimed that the Clooneys were sharing their bedrooms. The Clooneys were, of course, sleeping in separate rooms. Globe doesn’t really know anyone close to George and Amal Clooney.