George Clooney Remembers His “Disaster”Amal to the Wife


One fine day, George ClooneyIt was suggested to Amal Clooney—and it didn’t go as planned.

The ERActor recently shared the moment he proposed to Amal. It wasn’t all smooth sailing. George explained it in an Oct. 21 interview The Drew Barrymore Show, “It was a disaster.”

The 61-year old explained that his plan was to have Amal find the ring at dinner, while his aunt played the music Rosemary Clooney played. George immediately started the tune, prompting Amal to reach into a box that contained a lighter to relight a candle that he accidentally blew out.

“I go, ‘I think there’s a lighter, could re-light the candle…I think there’s a lighter in that little box,'”George, recalled. “And she pulls this thing out, this little drawer, and there’s a diamond ring in there.”

So how did Amal react to this? George believes it didn’t work out right away. “She looks at it and she’s like, ‘There’s a ring in there,'”He laughed while rolling his eyes. “Like somebody left a ring there years ago”

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